The Cult of the Dumb

File this one on the “Stupidity Knows No Bound” file. Cult of Mac (cached version, no direct link.(: 7 things Steve Jobs would …


iOS App: Waterlogue

Random pick for iOS App: Waterlogue ($2.99) Waterlogue transforms your photos into luminous watercolors. I’m having a lot of fun using Waterlogue.

3GB of Data is used T-Mobile

More Data Please

It is only the second day of 2015 and I am running out of “data” on my T-Mobile plan. Luckily I’m only …



Happy New Year! According to a few pundits, 2015 is a disappointment already for it is only a slight improvement over 2014. …

Android 5.0.1 for Nexus 4

Android 5.0.1 for Nexus 4

Android 5.0.1 “occam” arrives for Nexus 4. Side note: Android 5.0.2 factory image “nakasi”  is now available for 2012 Wi-Fi Nexus 7.