Carlos Alazraqui Video Podcast

Finally I finish editing the video podcast for Carlos Alazraqui. I sent him the videos and waiting for his editorial inputs. We’re gonna put it up somewhere on the net also, maybe on his MySpace page.

Carlos, get on your Mac and watch the videos.

Carlso Alazraqui can be seen on the big screen in Reno 911!: Miami The Movie starting February 23rd, 2007. He also appears on NBC’s “Las Vegas” as Julio the janitor on Friday 23rd, 2007 episode.

The Year of The Pig

According to Chinese Calendar/Lunar Calendar, February 18 2007 is the beginning of the “Year of The Pig”.

I do find it ridiculous trying to be “politically correct” regarding the “Year of The Pig”. I first read it on

It’s a tradition dating back thousands of years and never intended to offend or annoy anyone. So what if it’s the “Year of The Pig”.

Digg-ing Joe Rogan

For the past few days, Joe Rogan has become the talk of the internet. It started with the video clip of Joe Rogan confronting Carlos Mencia at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Carlos Mencia quickly claimed copyright infringements against Joe Rogan. The clips were taken down from YouTube. Rogan then revealed that he’s banned from The Comedy Store. Shortly after, Rogan then revealed that he has parted ways with his agent; the same agent who works for Carlos Mencia.

Joe Rogan was added to the Hollywood Improv roster, and scheduled to perform on February 15, 16, and 17 (2007).

Numbers of Joe Rogan news have been made popular on and received thousands of diggs. One article on calls on the Digg community to tell Comedy Central to cancel Carlos Mencia’s show.

Many internet users have voiced their opinions and an overwhelming majority are on Joe Rogan side.

One thread in Megadeth Forums (free registration required) regarding the “Rogan vs. Mencia” saga has an interesting title.

Joe Rogan has been vocal in exposing Carlos Mencia for allegedly stealing other comics’ materials and profitting from it. This has been confirmed by numbers of comics whose materials were stolen by Mencia.