Dream Theater: “Systematic Chaos” and Roadrunner Records

Dream Theater has signed with Roadrunner Records.

Dream Theater and Megadeth now share two things in common, Gigantour 2005 and Roadrunner Records.

Dream Theater previously signed to Atlantic Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. Rodrunner Records was recently acquired by Warner Music Group. Effectively, Dream Theater changing record label without ever leaving Warner Music Group.

Dream Theater’s ninth album titled “Systematic Chaos” is due in June.

Recent Dream Theater releases:

Reno 911! – Movie Premiere and Carlos Alazraqui

Reno 911!: Miami The Movie Premiere will be held at Mann’s Chinese Theater on February 15th at 7:30 pm. The red carpet event will be atended by the main cast members. According to Carlos Alazraqui (Deputy James Oswaldo Garcia), the cast members will be arriving as their respective characters to the premiere.

I sat down with Carlos Alazraqui at The Hollywood Improv on Wednesday Night shortly after his stand-up performance. We talked about Reno 911! movie, his projects, and some other stuff. I will be posting the video after I finished editing it and showing it to Carlos. Check back for the exclusive official video podcast of Carlos Alazraqui at 37prime!

Carlos Alazraqui plays a janitor named “Julio” on NBC’s “Las Vegas” scheduled to air on February 23rd; the same night Reno 911! movie opens in theatres.

Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough (Deputy S. Jones) just finished working on a short-short film soon to appear somewhere, maybe on the internet.

Reno 911! is scheduled to shoot the fifth season sometimes in March 2007. More info to follow.

Apple and The Beatles Can Work It Out

Apple Inc. didn’t announce anything during the SuperBowl regarding the iPod, iTunes and The Beatles. Today, Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. announce a new agreement regarding the “apple” trademark. Based on the press release, Apple Inc. gains control over the trademark and consequently ends the trademark dispute with Apple Corps Ltd.

From Apple Press Release:

Under this new agreement, Apple Inc. will own all of the trademarks related to “Apple” and will license certain of those trademarks back to Apple Corps for their continued use. In addition, the ongoing trademark lawsuit between the companies will end, with each party bearing its own legal costs, and Apple Inc. will continue using its name and logos on iTunes®. The terms of settlement are confidential.

It’s only about time for The Beatles catalogue to be sold on the iTunes Store.