Still Got The Rootkit Blues.

From time to time I’d get a call from acquaintances regarding their computers. Usually it’s about the viruses, trojans, worms, spywares, etc.

Well, this time it’s a Rootkit!

I know that the most effective way is to wipe the hard-drive clean and fresh-install Windows. I opted to clean the system to see what kinda damges done on this computer. Thanks to ComboFix author!

I’m going to fresh-install Windows later.

Need to tune your Guitar? Gibson has an App for that.

There are times when I need to de-tune my guitar down to Q and I had no tuner handy. Thanks to Gibson for their iPhone App that includes tuner and metronome.

Partial description:


  • A professional quality Chromatic Tuner that will allow you to tune any instrument using the iPhone microphone (or iPod Touch with microphone attachment)
  • Alternate Tuning settings so you can quickly and easily tune your guitar to various alternate tunings, including Open G, Low C, Drop D, Eb and others.
  • A Standard Mode Tuner that allows you to tune each string to a sample tone
  • An accurate Metronome with multiple time signatures, visual and audio options, and a set-your-own tempo tap pad
  • A Chord Library with a sample of the essential chords for every player beginner to advanced

Did I forget to mention that it’s free?

Still, there’s no instruction to downtune to Q.

Yet Another Text-Spammer: (714) 916-3671


I just called FCC regarding this matter and this type of “marketing” does violate CAN-SPAM Act.

You should file form 1088G to report this violation.

File a complaint on FCC site

You can also call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-2255-322) voice; 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-8355-322) TTY.

I just received another Text-Spam on my mobile phone. This is an unsolicited marketing ploy from unscrupulous individual(s).

This time is from (714) 916-3671

The Spam says:

If you are $10,000 or more in Credit Card Debt, you qualify for our Debt Settlement Program. Reply “YES” to be contacted today with info.

I have previously contacted FCC regarding this issue, and surprisingly FCC found that these Text-Spam do not violate the Communication Act of 1934.

More on this.