Pump-and-Dump Scammer is still at it.


Within the last 150 minutes, our spam filter caught more than 40 Pump-and-Dump email spam; the same ones from April 11, 2017.

Pump-and-Dump email spam typically comes in waves with randomly generated sender names. It is really easy to spot as it promises the potential collaborating-victim a quick scheme to make money. Based on our statistics, the scammer sends the email spam with two different subject lines and contents each day. If you happened to receive this kind of email spam, you would see multiple emails from different senders with the same exact subject line and content. They are really easy to spot.

You can help fighting the spammer by using services such as SpamCop.net.

Dear America, Please Get Out To Vote.


Dear America,

It is that time again, where you get to choose the direction this country is going. It is your civic and patriotic duty to get out and vote. If you’re note sure where to go, you can go to:


Remember that Election date is on November 8 this year. Go to your polling place to cast your vote.

If anyone told you that you could vote by text, tell them that they are wrong. Go to iwillvote.com to find your polling place.

Thank You