Damn your marketing scheme, Best Buy!

I went to Best Buy on Thursday evening because they sent me a $5 coupon. I decided to get an SDHC Card for my DSLR Camera. I have been using SanDisk SDHC for a long time, so it was the one I was looking for. Then I found these:


I’ve never heard of this Sandisk Pixtor. It looks identical with the Sandisk Ultra and so do the specs on the back.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

The price!

Sandisk Pixtor SDHC 8GB is $9.99 on sale, and $24.99 regular price.

Sandisk Ultra SDHC 8GBis $24.99, not on sale.



I looked for “Pixtor” on Sandisk website and found nothing.

SanDisk dot com no Pixtor

I assume that the “Pixtor” line is an exclusive Best Buy only branding.

Damn your marketing scheme, Best Buy!

By the way, I usually get Sandisk Extreme SDHC from Amazon.com.