Incestuous Tech Journalism

Wall Street Journal suspiciously omitted the 65 Millions figure off its latest hit-piece on Apple. Tech-sites quickly jumped on the news without using the salt shakers. Sadly tech-journalism is prone to circular logic.

Remember what the tech journalists said about “the next iPhone” back in March 2012?


NBCNews – Will the next iPhone be simply named ‘iPhone’?


Then these so called tech journalists seem to think that the next iPhone after iPhone 4S would be called “The new iPhone” or simply iPhone.

Note: Forgive us for linking to Gizmodo and CNET.

A lot less people are being critical of what the mainstream press say. There’s a sickening notion of:

If Wall Street Journal published it, then it must be true.”

Wall Street Journal has been wrong on many occasions. Every year since the first introductions of the iPhone in 2007, the rumor of “smaller” iPhone lives on. Whoever made this news up are laughing their asses off, rolling on the floor every time someone reported it.

The current state of tech journalism is far from what it was intended to be. Now it is all about page hits, exclusives and first to report. There are those who know what tech companies are planning and they are not talking. Those who are within Apple’s inner circle are keeping their mouth shut about the next iPhone. Whether or not it would have been called “iPhone 5S” or “iPhone FU”, no one outside this circle know. Anything you read about the iPhone 5S coming this Spring is a complete fabrication of desperate tech journalist wannabes.

Remember, it only takes one to publish unsubstantiated story before the other pick them up and ran with it.I t is an incestuous tech journalism.