Scumbag Tech Elitist: Open Source

New feature called “Scumbag Tech Elitist” premiers with this post.

Topic: Open Source

Scumbag Tech Elitist preaches about Open Source, why it is better and why he supports it. Scumbag Tech Elitist blathers on and on why he likes Android and makes one big endorsement because it is Open Source.

Scumbag Tech Elitist then endorses SquareSpace while badmouthing WordPress.

Wait a minute Mr. Scumbag Tech Elitist,

  • WordPress is an Open Source Project.
  • There are no mentions that SquareSpace is an Open Source Project. It is never declared as an Open Source Project.
  • There are self-install and fully hosted
  • SquareSpace is a sponsor of Scumbag Tech Elitist.

Well that is too convenient, Mr. Scumbag Tech Elitist.