All in the name.

Apple is doing away with the numbering on iPad, much sooner than the iPhone. “The new iPad” as Apple would call it at today’s event just like it is introduced at Apple’s home page. A few days ago I wrote:

Apple is that kind of company who would not call the next iPad by the name iPad 3.

My source always said “the next iPad” instead of the much-assumed moniker “iPad 3”. I then knew that Apple will drop the numbering on the iPad and iPhone. I had similar conversation regarding the next iPhone. Many kept asking me about “iPhone 5” which is actually iPhone 4S. I told them that there will be no iPhone with “iPhone 5” moniker. I firmly believed that the next iPhone will simply be called “iPhone”.

One thing I got wrong on today’s event, is the usage of “Retina Display” term. Back in December 2011, I truly believe that Apple would not call the new iPad display a Retina Display. Then again, my source never once used the term “Retina Display” in lieu of high resolution display.

Come Fall 2012, I will find out if I was fed the correct information on the next iPhone; maybe Apple will simply market it as “The new iPhone”.