The Siri on iPad Debate.

The conversation I had back in December 2011 with the ever reliable source on Apple covered the possibilities of Siri on the next iPad. When Apple first unveiled iPhone 4S and Siri, just like many I wanted Siri on iPad 2. I didn’t go as far as accusing Apple purposely limiting Siri to iPhone 4S to boost sales. Apple says Siri is still in Beta phase and I accept that as we all should. One can hope one day Siri would be on more devices in addition to iPhone 4S.

There are reasons why the next iPad will not have Siri. We all would assume that Apple would release two distinct models of the next iPad: Wi-Fi only and the mobile network ready. A lot of people including myself opted buying iPad 2 with 3G with actually having it enabled at all time. I only pay for the no contract 30-day-data-plan whenever I was travelling. As we all have learned, Siri relies on network connection to fully function. Any queries to Siri are sent to Apple’s server for processing. Basically the current incarnation of Siri is useless without persistent network connection. Having said that, Apple is likely not to include Siri in the next iPad.

It is likely that Apple is working on improving Siri such as “Offline Mode” in iOS 6. One could only hope it is true.