So my TV has Retina Display too?

In the beginning, there was a definition of 4G, then T-Mobile called their HSPA+ as 4G. Then AT&T called their HSPA+ as 4G. As everyone redefined what 4G is, it becomes meaningless.

The term “Retina Display” would suffer the same fate unless Apple did not call the less-than-300-ppi-density of the next iPad display as such.

“AppleInsider Staff” says:

While the estimated 260 ppi falls short of the 300+ ppi the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described as being a qualifier for Retina Display status, it can be contested that because users hold tablets farther away from their eyes than a phone, the would-be “iPad 3” specs are be enough to achieve a perceived pixel density similar to that of Apple’s latest smartphone.


People do not hold iPad (or AppleInsider called it “tablets”) that much further than their phone. Logically people are using their iPhone and iPad comfortably within their arm reach or closer. At this point I know that Apple is not calling it iPad with Retina Display (yet).

By the way, I sit about 12 to 16 feet away from my 42-inch HDTV. Does that mean my HDTV also have Retina Display?