Remote Recording Session with Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough.

On Monday May 4th, 2009 I had a remote recording session with Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough. Some might ask why I put Carlos before Cedric. The answer is pretty simple. Alphabetically Carlos Alazraqui comes before Cedric Yarbrough; be it by the first name or the last name.

We recorded a simple video using a Polycarbonate MacBook built-in iSight straight into iMovie ’09. Carlos and Cedric recorded their parts while I was 40-something miles away. Yes, we were using iChat to set-up, edit and encode the video.

After the video was done I uploaded it to a server so it can be downloaded by someone in the East Coast.

That was a great use of technology.