Where’s The Outrage? Microsoft is going after Motorola for Android.

Fortune reports that Microsoft is going after Motorola for Patent violations related to Android. Apparently Motorola won’t be going the Windows Phone 7 way in favor of Android. It is obvious that Microsoft is losing the grip and going lawsuit happy.

Anyone remembers that HTC signed a “Patent deal” related to Android with Microsoft? I really thought that Android is an Open Source Project led by Google. How can Microsoft asserting Patent right to someone else’s product?

Well, Microsoft has been claiming that another Open Source Project named Linux is violating their Patents. Novell was quick to “collaborate” with Microsoft. Linus Torvald disagrees.

There are a lot of people who feel disgusted with Apple suing HTC, and a lot of them cheered when HTC signe a deal with Microsoft. What is wrong with this picture? It is just like defending a castle from attacks by surrendering to another enemy with a bigger army. You still lose!

Shame on you, Microsoft. Is this how you innovate?

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